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We welcome Interested Investors to invest in the venture of expanding the reach of the potential products to the millions. There is a huge potential with regards to Seabuckthorn and marketing Seabuckthorn raw materials as well as the finished products like juices, cosmetics, soaps, etc., as we have got extensive experience to harness return on investment. We assure that our team has the potential to plan, in a much effective manner, to give tough competition to other players in the same product range but our USP is different which gives us sale in the market and thereby giving expansion to the entire organization. With Make in India program initiated by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, we have an edge to take this product to the international potential clients who are and will be definitely interested in the Seabuckthorn related products. The Make in India program is a boon to our business. So, it is the right time for the investor to get-in and let their funds grow with an honest, dedicated and hardworking team who has always aspired to get success through fair means. Here, we provide you some insight of the Business Plan which might give you a fair idea of the product. We are looking forward for your association in the venture. B-Plan Name : Seabuckthorn(SBT) - The Wonder Berry Promotion & Retail by MNC Globle, India Business Concept :

  • Describe precisely your product/service/Intellectual property license/process etc? MNC Globle, India will introduce the market with variety of Seabuckthorn products in food range, health supplements, cosmetics as well as marmalade confections with exceptional results and appealing taste/texture/acceptability in each product. An effort to bring Seabuckthorn in proper way through DRUG CATEGORIZATION rather than mere FOOD/COSMETIC ITEM. Seabuckthorn is not a new discovery. It has been used for the past 12 centuries. References to its medicinal application are found in ancient Greek and in classic Tibetan medicinal texts. But the current market and user segment still find this Wonder Berry a NEGLECTED TREASURE. Through our endeavor, marketing and promotion of Seabuckthorn products will create a channel of Harvest to Health and thus creating rural livelihood besides conserving fragile nature & environment of Trans-Himalayan region. Due to the benefits of Seabuckthorn and as said by Paul Zane Pilzer The Wellness industry would be a trillion dollar industry so the products of Seabuckthorn have huge world-wide market.
  • What are the key benefits that your product/service provides, to address the customer's problem/challenge? Customer usually finds different products for different ailments but looks for single products which can cater his entire requirement for being Healthy. Different products of Seabuckthorn are answer to their search. Seabuckthorn very well fit in to this requirement having a conglomeration of more than 190 active elements catering to the different needs of the user.
  • How is your product or service different from existing solutions and mention the factor which give you competitive advantage over the rest There are very few producers as well as promoters of Seabuckthorn products and that too in food category only. Our competitive edge would be to place this treasure as highly reputed product in Drug & Health category. We aim to provide the consumers safe, natural, organic, result oriented, and wide range of healthy products at competitive yet acceptable prices. By this model we are not only catering to the user but also creating livelihood for under-privileged people who don't have access to even road and communication. Apart from the above factors our approach and planning on Marketing Strategy like internet, direct, affiliate, multi-level marketing and word-of-mouth publicity will give us an edge over the rest..

Market Analysis :

  • What is the market in which your company will operate? Since the Seabuckthorn sector is in its nascent stage, company will initiate its operation with Health Drink in functional, super food and nutraceuticals categories focusing Niche of targeted consumers that could be very well defined as Health conscious people of all age, gender and location. Company will start with Delhi, Punjab and Gujarat in India there by growing the network. To meet the growing demands of health and wellness industry due to the inclination of people towards good health, demand for Seabuckthorn products has to increase manifold.
  • Identify the segment of the market you can serve or you plan to serve in future. The company will market the products in functional, super food and nutraceuticals categories in Domestic as well as international markets. The catering could extend to food & beverage, medical and cosmetic industries as well as confectionaries especially for children.
  • Describe the growth rate and recent trends of your market that may represent disruptive changes or opportunities for new players like you? Nutraceuticals, functional foods are becoming a focal point for product innovation among both food and drink manufacturers and supplements players alike. The segment is currently the hot topic in the health & beauty industry, and as a result has produced a mass of new product innovations, all with the common goal of enhancing Wellness within. Global demand for nutraceutical ingredients will grow 5.8 percent annually through 2010. India and China will be the fastest growing markets, while the US will remain the largest. Current volume of nutraceutical industry is $11.7 billion worldwide; henceforth the potential for the entrepreneurs dealing in unique Health products is wide open.
  • Who are your potential and current, direct and indirect competitors in market? MNC Globle, India will not face any direct market competition in the local Indian market but existing health drinks and juice marketing companies cannot be under looked. According to the predictions, trend and as popularity grows, the market will observe a rapid growth in the Seabuckthorn sector, reaching a peak in the years to come. We believe that with proper planning and gradual shift of end consumer towards organic, result oriented, natural products can help us withstand local and global competition, at the same time consolidate our position in local as well as global market.
  • How you anticipate established companies reacting to the introduction of your product/service? There is a small competitive risk from global competitors, which are fortunately few in number, but their presence can't be ignored. The products of established companies have their own share of market. The Health & Wellness industry is huge that capturing a pie of it would not be tough. By the time we face a competitive challenge in India from global MNCs, MNC Globle, India would have already set up a network in India, giving a strong hold against them.
  • State the entry and exit barriers of your market? According to the calculations, the Seabuckthorn Sector will reach a peak in years to come, however, in case of delayed convergence to the expected results for the market cannot be ignored. In such a case, the company will use its rich Intellectual property and developed products to go public (IPO) or attract acquisition by an already established enterprise..

Customers Analysis :

  • Who will be the potential customers/consumers of your product? Though entire world would be our potential customers but we would initiate with India. Company will first target those groups who are specifically Health Conscious because the features and benefits of Seabuckthorn will compel these consumers to use the products for themselves and for their family. After all who don't want to be healthy and would like to tell you (right now evaluating the project) that you are also my potential client because Health is Wealth.
  • Where are your target customers located? As Stated above we will start with India and every city of India has a selected group who are concerned about their and their families health. With the increase in pollution everybody is looking for an organic, natural as well as result oriented solution to keep them Healthy. We will start our operation from Delhi, Punjab and other major cities of India. We believe that with proper planning we can achieve Pan India presence in very short period of time.
  • How will you reach your customers? State all the methods of your Sales Strategy? We are planning to take the neglected Healthy Product from forest to consumers through ITES  Information Technology Enables Services. The ITES will help the company to bring awareness among the people much faster about the product and our constant supply of quality products will help resolve all the challenges. With the population shifting towards health and wellness apart from traditional method company will adopt methods like direct, internet, affiliate as well as word of mouth marketing strategies as these have less expenses but yields high sales.

Business System Description :

  • How will the product/service be developed (possible plan to build the product or implementing the service to check the feasibility option), manufactured, marketed and sold? The major research of the initial product under discussion has already been developed. Only small changes are to be made to tailor it directly for commercialization purposes. We have a dedicated research team in place to keep abreast with the aggressive market competition.  The manufacturing cycle would be divided into phases :
    • Manufacturing of Neutraceuticals/health supplements.
    • Manufacturing of cosmetics.
    • Manufacturing of Food and Beverages.
    The marketing will be direct or recommendation based and we intend to tap into the networks of our initial customers to expand and intensify our customer base.
  • How will your business generate profit? What will be your Revenue Mechanism? The major source of revenue will be by distributing franchise, setting up kiosk and supplying products to the institutions like schools, colleges etc resulting in high profit as well as awareness among the consumers. Introducing small packs and placing in canteens of big organizations to keep their employees healthy. In the later stages it will shift to manufacturing centers that we plan to establish will also lead to increase in the profit.
  • Does your business create measurable social and/or environmental benefits? If possible quantify these benefits. Describe how this will add value to your business proposition? There are various social and environmental benefits related with our project. Some of them are - with the marketing of the Seabuckthorn awareness about the health benefits will propagate. Then the income level of the farmers will increase because the demand for Seabuckthorn products will increase exponentially. The plantation of the Seabuckthorn will help prevent the land slides in the mountainous regions as well as fix nitrogen in the soil there by preventing environment.
  • Summarize projections for revenue, cost and return on investment (RoI projections)? The cost of the project would be approximately Rs3crore over the period of 3years reaching the break-even by the end of 2nd year. This is mere a projection, as our plan and products are for the project we can achieve RoI much faster than stated.
  • What are your major short-term goals? We plan to look for the investors and collaborator for the Start-up and growth of the business side by side educating customers about the resource base.

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