Sea Buckthorn Soap

We offer natural Sea Buckthorn Soap, manufactured from sea buckthorn oil as well as Sea buckthorn fruit concentrate extracted from its fruits. The oil of sea buckthorn is considered superior due to its numerous medicinal properties. Sea Buckthorn Oil Soap is unique, natural and gentle on your body as well as face. The soap possesses various remarkable abilities that are truly beneficial for your skin. The fantastic soap with a wonderful aroma has made us stand among the leading Sea Buckthorn Berry Soap Manufacturers and Suppliers in the market.

8 Variants : SBT Neem-tulsi, SBT Chandan, SBT saffron, SBT Rose, SBT Mix Fruit, SBT lemongrass and SBT Lavender

  • Deeply penetrate the skin pores and cleanse thoroughly
  • Prevents numerous skin problems such as: eczema, acne, allergies, psoriasis, cold sores, hemorrhoids, fissure, skin asthma, skin fungus, warts, seborrhea and scabies.
  • Provides excellent treatment for secretions, fungus, irritations and genitals infections
  • Treats problems like dryness, wrinkles, sun damage and lightens blemishes

Since the demand for the different flavors of the soap was coming then we have indulged in the production of 8 variants of soap in with the use of only top grade essential oils and natural fragrances. The people are appreciating and the launch is successful.